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Wildlife Specialist

Wildlife Specialist Agree That Many Animals Will Become Extinct in the Next Decade If Nothing Changes.

The news is dim, scientists and wildlife specialist across the globe are reporting that the numbers of many species are dwindling. Many of these species are dying out as a direct result of human action such as poaching and habitat removal. If we do not halt the assault on these animals there will not be a single one left.


James Glancy does his part to save wildlife by raising awareness of key species and letting people who may not know about their plight see these animals first hand. James is a known name across the UK and in much of America due to his work in Parliament, as a British television presenter, and due to his work in the US as a Discovery Channel host. He uses his name awareness to help animals in conjunction with the charity Veterans for Wildlife and he is also studying zoology. The animals of the world have a lot against them but they also have a great asset with James attempting to give them a voice in the media.

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