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Veterans For Wildlife

James Glancy Directs Veterans For Wildlife and Runs Special Projects for the Charity.

Veterans for Wildlife is a charity located in London, UK that empowers veterans to aid in the prevention of crime against wildlife. The charity has a far reach and has found success in its goals since its conception. While animals are strong, powerful, and even frightening they are vulnerable against the cunning humans who want to poach them. This is where other humans can help.


Veterans for Wildlife puts qualified veterans where they need to be to protect certain populations of at risk animals against poachers and other potential harm from other humans. The charity also raises money for animal conservation and awareness. The project not only saves the lives of animals across the globe, it is designed to assist in helping veterans after they return from duty. The program is a win-win for everyone except the poachers who find that their prey is not only protected by qualified veterans but the whole set up around the animals is ran more efficiently and protectively due to training by the veterans to civilians who also provide protection.

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