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Shark Week Host

James Glancy is A Shark Week Host Who is Not Afraid to Meet The Animals He is Saving in Their Own Territory in Order to Raise Awareness for Them.

Shark Week is a special that runs on the Discovery Channel each year. This year a shark week host will be risking his life to entertain viewers and raise awareness about sharks. James Clancy was a Royal Marine and now he does many important things including raising awareness for animal conservation and hosting the Discovery Channel show. Him and his friend Paul de Gelder who is also a veteran were dropped into shark infested water and stayed there for 44 hours. Their feat was impressive and stirred up the attention of viewers across the globe because of its dangerous aspect and because they both survived their time in the shark filled water.


Catch James and Paul on shark week to see their adventure. Then see if there is anything you can do to preserve the sharks and other marine life that is at risk across the globe due to overfishing, pollution, poaching, and more.

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