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James Glancy is a filmmaker and conservationist who focuses on investigating international wildlife crime and conflicts. He recently directed his first feature documentary 'Afghanistan,' about the collapse of the country in 2021. Afghanistan premiered at Docs Ireland film festival in 2023.


James has hosted films on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel and produced shows for BBC and the Weather Channel. His wildlife investigations have seen work at sea filming illegal and unregulated fishing activity in the Mediterranean, on board Sea Shepherd in the South Atlantic, and investigating the illegal wildlife trade across Africa and Asia. James previously served for 10 years in the Royal Marines.


Having spent much of his life outdoors in wild and hostile places, James' passion for the natural world began in childhood. He was taught to dive and swim with sharks at a young age by a former US Navy Seal, which inspired him to join the Royal Marines and eventually become a conservationist.


James has taken his wildlife passion into television as a filmmaker.  You can keep up to date on James Glancy's conservation and film projects on Social Media and by SUBSCRIBING to James' Youtube Channel

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Nat Geo - World's Biggest Bullshark

James and Dr Neil Hammershlag head on a shark science expedition to find the offspring of a huge Bullshark!

Sony FX6 - Behind the Scenes

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